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.: Zara Ref 2016 :. by sarastallet99 .: Zara Ref 2016 :. by sarastallet99


:bulletblue: Born 1996 / Female / Straight
:bulletblue: Can be drawn with blue hair but it's optional
:bulletblue: Sometimes wears a spiked collar, the spikes are really big and heavy!
:bulletblue: Blue pawpads and black claws
:bulletblue:  Blueish mouth, bright tongue and darker gums (same dark blue as the corners of her eyes)
:bulletblue: Bright blue eyes
:bulletblue: 3 Piercings, Two on left ear and 1 in right. 1 Industrial and 1 Tunnel plug in left ear. 1 round pearl in right, can look like an eye sometimes!
:bulletblue:  Similar markings as Blue!

:bulletgreen: She can do pretty much anything if she sets her mind to it
:bulletgreen: Stands up for her self and what she likes
:bulletgreen: Likes the color blue
:bulletgreen: Great at peeling oranges
:bulletgreen: Foodlover
:bulletgreen: Sushi is her favorite food of all time
:bulletgreen: Usually sees herself as being a punk-gril
:bulletgreen: Loves listening to music
:bulletgreen: Likes movies and games, horror is the best :3 

:bulletred: Hates sausages and mushrooms
:bulletred: Lactose intolerant
:bulletred: Insecure as fuck
:bulletred: Hates being around people 
:bulletred: Can be a bit to clingy around people if she has decided that she likes them
:bulletred: Stalker, usually in a creepy way :/ 
:bulletred: Always nervous 
:bulletred: Anxiety is eating her alive but she is pretty good at hiding it
:bulletred: Has really bad social phobia, but she hides it pretty well 
:bulletred: Almost always angry and is afraid of what she might do to others and herself 
:bulletred: Perfectionist, if she doesn't think something will come out perfect in the end she wont even begin/try to do it..
:bulletred: Suicidal (she thinks about this a lot but is to afraid of what might come after... right now at least)
:bulletred: Depressed
:bulletred: Hates when people ask her to help.. She knows it's the right thing to do but she just hates it so much.. 
:bulletred: Eats A LOT!
:bulletred: Grumpy, really really grumpy.. 
:bulletred: Has a lot of headaches
:bulletred: Likes strong alcohol a bit to much.. 

Blues ref .: Blue Zora Ref 2016 :. by sarastallet99

Woah, I'm on a re-roll this week! OWO
I'm going back to school tomorrow and it's really stressing me.. It's exhausting to move all the stuff (computer and shit) and meehh.. I finally started to calm down from coming home..  I have really mixed feelings about going back, it's gonna be good to get out of here too x3 
Anyway, I felt like I had to finish this before tomorrow because who knows when I will have the energy to draw again! I have one more thing that I want to finish (but probably wont) before tomorrow and after that I don't really know what to do xD

SammyHarlan Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016
Those eyes *u*  Love those giant spikes!
sarastallet99 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016  Student General Artist
Thank you :tighhug:
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January 5, 2016
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